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is a non-profit dedicated to promoting wearable-art.Bringing Wearable Art to the public in the form of free displays throughout Howard County. Their Awards Gala Show is not to be missed, SUNDAY
September 27th, 2015.

Wearable art is on display throughout Howard County, September 12-26

Since 1959, the Schuler School of Fine Arts in Baltimore, Maryland has been training students in the methods and techniques of the Old Masters. The goal of the Schuler School has been, and continues to be, to assure that future generations of artists receive the wisdom of the past while acquiring the creative freedom that only the mastery of traditional skills can provide. This four year atelier school provides a lively atmosphere in which students receive a high degree of personal attention.
The Howard County Arts Council nurtures the Arts Community in our county. The HCAC supports and promotes the public’s access and appreciation of the arts, as well as the artists and arts organizations that are vital to our community.

The HCAC also operates the Howard County Center for the arts in Ellicott city that is home to great art exhibits, performances, and art classes.

The HCAC Calendar is a must-bookmark site for everyone interested in the arts!



The Baltimore Museum of Art under the direction of Doreen Bolger is a world-class museum with a great collection. They also have not to be missed events such as The Baker Artist Awards



The Washington County Museum of Fine Arts is a fine art museum featuring great works of art in the finest classic tradition. Not only does the museum have a fine collection, but the building and grounds are lovely as well.

The American Visionary Art Museum under the direction of Rebecca Hoffberger features the best outsider-art we have seen. Despite the fact that the artists lack formal training, their work is outstanding and thought provoking as are the stories of the artists themselves.

The curators at the AVAM have done an amazing job of assembling the very best of these unknown artists. The AVAM has one of the most unique and wonderful collections we have ever seen.

Beyond being simply the Best of Baltimore the AVAM is truly a world class museum.

The Art League develops the artist through education, exhibition, and a stimulating, supportive environment. Quarterly art courses in virtually all of the fine arts, and many crafts, with some of the most talented and well known artists and instructors in the country. Whether for the novice or a skilled professional, courses are offered for every skill level and for every age. One of our featured artists, Diane Tesler taught at The Art League School for 34 years and influenced many of our top regional artists.

TRUE AFRICAN ART LOGO2  is a premier online African art gallery and store that focuses on original, one of a kind, contemporary African paintings. features over 60 of the world’s best artists from the African Continent, and has a wonderful website featuring hundreds of artworks. Contemporary African art is currently undergoing a “quiet explosion”, with sales increasing worldwide in Europe, the USA, Asia, and Africa. An increasing number of art collectors are recognizing the quality, diversity, and opportunities for investment in the vibrant and powerful art created by African artists. More new museums dedicated to contemporary African art are opening their doors to the public, and existing collections in major museums are being expanded.