Artist’s Statement

Being a very linear artist, my creative expressions involve lines in one form or another. I mainly use organic lines, like the ones found in nature, to create intensely detailed drawings in pen and ink on paper and acrylic/mixed media paintings on canvas. My work has been called abstract, macro/micro, Visionary, surreal, and whimsical. In the early stages of the creative process, I focus inward, clear my mind, relax, open up, and let go. In this receptive state, inspiration often starts with a simple doodle that can end up becoming quite elaborate. As the work progresses, I make decisions and direct, but in general find myself pulling order out of chaos, in other words, bringing the work into greater “alignment, (a line meant)”. I’m not only fascinated with lines conveying a sense of movement and texture, but also with dots. If you think about it, dots are nothing more than very short lines. Iridescence is another fascination, I find it hypnotizing and like to incorporate iridescent inks into my work. I enjoy watching the sheen dance across the surface when viewed from different angles.

About the Artist

Donna Pippi Robusto is a Baltimore based artist who signs her work in her maiden name, “Pippi” because she feels each piece metaphorically took a lifetime to create.  Donna attended college and studied art. She promoted other artists but seldom put her own work out there. Her  own creative expression finally took off later in life. Like most of us, there were some bumps in the road and a few detours, but all her experiences, whether good or bad, became catalysts for creation.  Some of Donna’s best work began with a mistake or by accident.  As an artist, she no longer struggles against them but actually weaves them into the piece.  Donna likes performing this kind of alchemy, the idea of taking something undesired and turning it into something desired or even profound.  It’s a hopeful experience.  

Donna’s work has won awards in juried exhibitions and is in many collections.

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Heaven and Earth

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First Cause

Keeper of Time

Candy Land

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Can't Kelp It


Defy Gravity

Bird's Eye View




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