Abstract Artist John De Fabbio


The painter Ben Shahn said: “It is the mission of art to remind mankind that it is human.” 

My goal is to create works of art that will give the viewer both happiness and inspiration as well as remind them of the beauty that is found everywhere. 

I constantly strive to create art work that will remind the viewer not only of their humanity but also of their divinity. As the people of this planet move from competition to cooperation, I would like to think that in some way my art may help to facilitate this transformation.

As I produce my photographs and paintings, I feel I am connecting with all the great masters of art that have gone before me.

Artist John De Fabbio

John DeFabbio RedSea

“Red Sea”- Acrylic on canvas- “24” x 24″ – $575

John DeFabbio rh_ss_atoll

“South Seas Atoll”- Acrylic on canvas – “30” x “40” – $1200

John De Fabbio divine_3

“Divine”- Acrylic on canvas- “30” x “40” – $1200

John DeFabbio 7-_Morning_Light

“Sunrise”- Acrylic on canvas- “30” x “40” – $1200

abstract artist John DeFabio

“Streams”- Acrylic on canvas- 30″ x 40″ – $1200

John DeFabio The_Firmament_1

“Celestial Heaven”- acrylic on canvas- “30” x “40” – $1200

Abstract artist John De Fabbio

“Nebula”- Acrylic on canvas- “18” x “24” – $425

"The Fires of Heaven"

“The Fires of Heaven” – Acrylic on canvas – 30″ x 40″ – $1200