Artist Diane Tesler, painting plein air across from her studio in Kewanna IN

Diane is an upbeat smart and self reliant person, full of life and energy.

Her paintings are filled with light, color and love for the broken wrecks we drive by and never notice.

She works with joy, saving what can be saved and paying loving tribute to the dreams and memories that passed before. She paints beauty, as she sees it. With her help we can see the beauty too, remember yesterday’s dreams and not forget the joy that preceded us. Every House of Sticks was once a loving home. See it still as a place of beauty preserved forever by Diane’s loving hand.

Diane Tesler’s Artist Statement Bio and More great Pictures

After 20 years of commuting to the Torpedo Factory in Alexandria Virginia where Diane taught art, she moved to Kewanna Indiana full time where she has established an art colony.   She owns several buildings in town including The 1889 Odd Fellows lodge hall she purchased in 1998 as studio space. Diane continues to teach in Alexandria as well as offering art retreat workshops, that are outstanding. Diane is a fantastic art teacher from who I have learned a great deal. Her sense of light and color are outstanding and I am sure that her works will continue to be displayed for generations to come. 

Rural art retreat workshops by painter Diane Tesler

 Art retreat workshops and fine art classes by Diane Tesler

Diane Tesler mid-atlantic-painter surreal-still-life

Oil on linen
40″ X 32″


Target Practice
Oil on linen 
20″ X 20″

Apple/s & Tulip/s Oil on linen 30" X 34" 3,000.

Apple/s & Tulip/s
Oil on linen
30″ X 34″

The Lamplighter Oil on linen 36" X 40" 4,000.

The Lamplighter
Oil on linen
36″ X 40″




House of Sticks, Oil on Canvas 50″x68″  $7,000

Still Life Oil Painting “Bread and Butter”, 32″x34″ $3000

Plein Air Oil Painting “Evening Light”, 32″x40″ $3000


Plein Air Oil Painting “Damsels of Old 31″, 24″x94” $5,500


Along route 14, Oil on canvas by Diane Tesler


Plein Air Oil Painting by Diane Tesler: “White Knight” 38″x60″ $4,500


Plein Air Oil by Diane Tesler “Solar Power” 46″x50″, $5,500


Oil on canvas by Diane Tesler, “Funnel Cake Elephant Ears”


Introspection, by Diane Tesler, oil on canvas


Open House, oil on canvas 44″x60″ by artist Diane Tesler


The Prince of Kewanna


Diane Tesler’s Artist Statement Bio and More great Pictures