Diane Tesler a modern American Master Painter


I studied art in college (Antioch) but my life as a painter really began

several years later when I lived in Hawaii. It was during the early ’70s,

and I lived on the island of Oahu near two fields of abandoned cars and

trucks. It was somewhat strange to see the familiar battered faces in an

exotic landscape and my head turned each time I passed by.

Overcoming an initial reticence, I went out into one of the junkyards

with a sketchbook. What I found there has remained a constant in my

work ever since: the power of light to reveal form and the beauty of

the discarded.

Moving to Virginia in 1973,1 joined the Torpedo Factory Art Center in

Alexandria, where I am an instructor in painting at the Art League

School. Connecting with a community of artists and the museum

resources of Washington, DC proved enormously enriching. I expanded

the scale of my work and the range of subjects to include still life, inte-

riors and figures. Through doing the work, I continued to learn what

was important to me. One was that oil paint was flexible and infinitely

responsive and would be my favored medium for the long haul.

Another, that I learned particularly through composing still life, was that

the search for balance, albeit precarious and temporary, was embedded

in every mark I made on a canvas.

Perhaps motivated by this search for balance, I longed to reconnect

with the outdoor world as I had in Hawaii. An opportunity to do that

opened up in 1986, when I accompanied a friend on a painting trip to

Northern Indiana. Here I found an austere land of open skies and aban-

doned farmhouses and quite literally fell in love with the place. In 1991

I purchased an old house in the town of Kewanna, Indiana, that I could

use as a summer studio. This enabled me to work on larger projects on

location as well as develop relationships with the people in the area

(some of whom ended up in my paintings). My life is now split between

Alexandria and Kewanna and the road in between. I think having a foot

in both worlds helps me see each world more clearly.

The pattern of my life as a painter has been to look inward, to stay

with those subjects and techniques that strike a deep chord and bypass

whatever may be currently fashionable. My role models are the

American painters Charles Burchfield, Edward Hopper, John F. Peto and

Wayne Thiebaud.


Diane Tesler in one of the downstairs rooms of her Artist’s studio




Born: Fort Wayne, Indiana 1944



2009 Capital Gallery, Frankfort, KY

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Capital Gallery

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