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The Difference Between Expert Custom Framing

and the Big Chain Stores


Custom framing your art is essential for protecting and displaying it at its best, and to truly complement the decor of your home or office. When considering custom framing we recommend that you get expert advice.

Having a big chain store frame your artworks means you do not know who is doing the actual work, or how they are doing it. The framers at big chain stores have minimal training, and the salespeople at the counter who do the design usually have little training or experience. Under no circumstances should a big chain store framing service be trusted with anything that is valuable, vintage, rare, fragile, or challenging. 

At Still Life Gallery Fine Art &  Custom Framing, we employ a Master Framer who is unsurpassable,  who specializes in those challenging kinds of special pieces, and is expert at handling them. We have a 30 year legacy of  the finest quality framing in the industry.

At Still Life Gallery Fine Art & Custom Framing, our museum-quality custom framing is done in our on-site workshop by a Master Framer with over 14 years of experience, who is available to meet with you to expertly design your framing and discuss any special requirements your piece may have. Our clients are often surprised to see that our prices are competitive  with those of the big chain stores.  If you are the kind of person who cares about quality, you owe it to yourself to get a free quote from our expert Master Framer who has many years of design experience and has framed everything imaginable!

Key things to consider when choosing custom framing:


Quality Materials:

Moldings: Insist on quality solid hardwood moldings.  This is the only kind we offer at Still Life Gallery Fine Art & Custom Framing. Inferior moldings, such as those that look like wood but are actually composite materials, may warp, fade, or contain acids that could damage your art over time.

GlassFor works under glass, not all glass is created equal. Quality picture framers only use the highest quality Conservation Clear or Museum Glass. Much like sunscreen for your art, these types of glass block out ultraviolet light that will fade your art over time. Museum Glass not only blocks out the UV light but also minimizes reflection so it looks almost invisible.

Conservation Materials: We use only acid-free mats and mounting materials. Everything that goes into a quality framing job MUST  be acid-free. Not only are all of the materials that we use in our work acid-free, but we also have mats that absorb air-born contaminates that can damage your art.

Expert Framing Design:

When choosing framing for your artwork it helps to have an expert assist you. The process can be quite fun! Just as an interior designer can help you choose the right furnishings for your home, so will our expert Master Framer help you to choose the framing design that will best suite your art and your decor. Framing artwork in a way that complements both the artwork and your decor is a skill that takes a keen artistic eye and many years of experience. It is important the the colors, style, and scale of your art is complemented by its framing and also fits with your decor, taste, and budget. We not only have hundreds of moldings to choose from but also fillets (small inner moldings that fit on the inside of the outer molding, or around the image inside the mat). Mats protect a work under glass and come in a wide array of colors. Given the hundreds of choices of individual components and the thousands of ways that they can go together, it really helps to have an expert provide you with several options for what works best.

Expert Framing On-site:

Unlike many of the big chain stores, at Still Life Gallery Fine Art & Custom Framing, all the work is done in our onsite frame shop, so your artwork is never subject to damage or loss in transport. Custom picture framing is demanding precision work that requires not only years of experience, but many expensive specialized pieces of equipment. Moldings are cut and joined to exacting tolerances by our skilled Master Framer with years of experience. A precision double miter saw the size of a small car first cuts the molding. The cut edges are then tinted to match the moldings. The frames are assembled, glued, and placed in specialized clamps prior to nailing by a special air-driven machine.

Mats are cut on a computerized mat-cutter that can cut not only simple rectangles precisely, but also just about any other design you can imagine. This is especially important in the case of mats that have multiple openings for multiple keepsakes that share the same frame, or mats with complex cuts. After cutting, the cut edges are hand burnished to perfection.

If you choose to enhance your framing with fillets, these are cut on a special fillet cutter and then hand-fitted and glued into the frame or between mats. Glass is hand-cut on a large glass cutter.

Expert assembly with museum quality materials is the final step. It is critical for the life of your artwork that all of the materials used in the assembly be acid free. Out-gassing by inferior materials or improper connections between your artwork and the mounting or framing materials can not only result in your art shifting in its frame but can lead to damage over time. For this reason it is essential to have a true Master Framer with years of experience do the job right, the first time.

All of the work we do at Still Life Gallery Fine Art & Custom Framing is 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed for as long as you own your artwork. We place our gold nameplate on the back of every artwork we frame because we are proud of the work we do and stand behind it for as long as you own it!

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At Still Life Gallery Fine Art & Custom Framing, our customers are our number one priority. We stand behind our work with a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. All of our workmanship and materials are museum-quality.


Our on-site framing workshop ensures your art never leaves our premises. All framing is done by a Master Framer with over 14 years experience.

Our expertly trained, highly experienced framing designers work with you to provide the best possible aesthetic presentation for your artwork while complementing the surroundings of your home. We have a huge selection of moldings and mats of the highest quality in all styles imaginable.

Everything we frame is done to archival framing standards. This is extremely important and a key difference. We use only museum-quality, state-of-the-art conservation materials that are 100% acid free and non-damaging to even the most delicate art in all mediums. They are also reversible. This means that in the future, should you ever wish to re-frame, re-mat, or even re-mount your art, this can be done without any damage whatsoever.

Your treasure will be displayed at it’s very best while complementing its surroundings and being protected for future generations. We treat each customer’s piece as if it were our own!

We Frame Everything: Oil paintings, water colors, drawings, diplomas, pastels, textiles, needlepoint, sports, historical, military and other memorabilia, three-dimensional (3-D) objects, jerseys, photos, limited edition prints, antique prints, posters, newspaper articles, certificates, awards and just about anything else you might imagine!

Custom Framing services:

Conservation Framing

Shadow Box Framing of Multiple Objects

Custom Pinning and Stitch-Mounting of Fabric and Textile Pieces

Stretching Canvases

Custom Mirrors

Custom-Cut Fancy Mats

Installation, Hanging Services & Art Display Solutions

Cleaning & Re-Framing

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Glass Replacement: Museum Glass, Reflection Control, Conservation Clear.

Glass Etching

Faux Painting and Murals

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