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Congratulations Ellicott City!

Ellicott City ranked in the top 20 U.S. Creative Class Cities

leonardo da vinci artist and scientist

Many people don’t realize how important the Arts are to the success of our children, our cities, and our economy. The Arts and Sciences have gone hand in hand thought history with many of the great scientists also being involved in the arts. Innovation requires creativity, and societies that innovate leap ahead of those that don’t.

This is the reason prominent educators believe the Arts are critical to excellence in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. They make a very compelling argument that the Arts be part of STEM in our schools.

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Developers have long known that growing the arts community raises property values, desirability, and livability, of the surrounding area. Neighborhoods come alive and property values soar with the development of a vibrant arts scene.

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The money you spend on art and cultural events is an investment in our community and the future of your children. Without creativity there is no innovation. We continue to reap the benefits from past American Innovators. Supporting creativity in our schools and communities will help ensure a bright future for us all.

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