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Still Life Gallery will soon be featured in a short documentary film

Documentary Crew (L-R) Liam Antinori, Macadam Weissman, Chelsea Daily, Sara Arditti, Liana Nichols, Mike Pernick.

Documentary Crew (L-R)
Liam Antinori, Macadam Weissman, Chelsea Daily,(Gallery Owner – Sara Arditti), Liana Nichols, Mike Pernick.


In April 2015 Still Life Gallery was honored to accept an offer to have a mini-documentary made about our gallery. As part of their program, Navy Mass Communication Specialists at the Defense Information School at Fort Meade, Maryland, produce a short documentary video. We were selected by them because they thought our story was interesting. We were happy to accept their gracious invitation because one of our main missions is to spread a greater appreciation of art and its role in all of our lives. The documentary crew pictured above- Liam Antinori, Macadam Weissman, Chelsea Daily, Liana Nichols, and Mike Pernick- all come from varied backgrounds, but share a common desire to work in the media. After they had finished shooting, we were curious about them and decided to ask them a couple of questions:

Did their perception of art change as a result of our interview?

They commented that they now realized much more went into the selection of art than they had ever considered. Initially they had thought that art was simply chosen by a gallery because it looked good. Following the interview they gained a deeper appreciation of the multiple aspects and elements that work together to create a good work of art, such as flow of line, balance, light, and color combinations. They gained a deeper understanding  of how artists communicate to their audiences through their artworks, the various types of messages conveyed, and that art is all around us, from film and photography to advertising and design of products we buy.

We asked them about their program and education:

All said they were very pleased to be in the Navy’s Mass Communication program, which is intensive and challenging. They all loved that they get to use the latest and best equipment available. The quality of instruction is very high and following their 5 year enlistment they will have professional credentials for their future careers.

Below are some photos from the production of this mini-documentary.

Art Gallery feature documentary Still Life Gallery in Howard County Maryland 

Navy Careers in •Writing, editing and producing print and broadcast journalism news and feature stories

Navy Careers in •Writing, editing and producing print and broadcast journalism news and feature stories

Navy Mass Communication Specialists •Recording and editing still and video photography