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Museum of Bad Art Boston Somerville MA in theater basementThe Museum of Bad Art falls into the category of  “it’s so bad, it’s good!” Their motto is: “Art too bad to be ignored.”

Still Life Gallery owner Sara Arditti, recently enjoyed a very fun visit to the MOBA located in the basement of an amazing vintage movie theater built in 1914. The Somerville Theater located near Boston MA, is a great place to visit for the bad art, the movies, the gorgeous architecture, and they also serve beer on tap at the concession stand.

Most of the paintings in the rotating collection are found in thrift stores or donated. Below are some of the artworks from the current show.

Still Life Gallery at the Museum of Bad Art
Museum of Bad Art

Museum of Bad Art

Museum of Bad ArtMuseum of Bad Art
Classic Movie Theater in Boston, Somerville
Vintage Movie Theater Boston Somerville